Game twist online casino

Game Twist is an online casino that relies mostly on European customers and they did a logo-gametwistbrilliant job at attracting Scandinavian players. The fact that they offer support in Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish definitely helps their cause, but they go beyond the call of duty to attract prospective players.

One of their recent actions is also channeled in this direction and issue benefit both new and existing players.

Top entrepreneurs and videogame developers have launched a game accelerator Sweden and it accepts applications starting today. The idea is to attract the most talented developers and inspire them to produce increasingly beautiful and responsive slot machines, table games and video poker.

All the applications are supposed to be fully compatible with mobile devices, in an attempt to bring online technologies to the fingertips of gamblers from all over the world.


Instead of relying exclusively on major companies that have hundreds of employees, the game accelerator is bringing together talented individuals. They work in small teams and Game Twist provides the financial support and assistance, so they have a better chance at achieving the desired goals.

The idea is to help them take advantage of their innate creativity, talent and dedication to produce something of certain value that can be successfully marketed.

If the program succeeds as intended, it will have a two-pronged effect, with everyone we as a result of this arrangement. On one hand Game Twist will have new titles to introduced with collection of games, so they will become more attractive to potential clients.

For the developers, this would be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove their talent and make a lot of money as a result of releasing top games.

Last but definitely not least, online casino games enthusiasts will have the chance to play new titles that can’t be found anywhere else. This is a serious challenge given the modern context, in which players are presented with virtually the same titles over and over again. Over the course of time the games accelerator brought in increasingly large crowds and in 2015 and 2016, it is expected to set new milestones.

The leading video games industry developers are also going to be present, as they hope to recruit the most talented people. They come to Sweden from all over the world and the ones that get selected can expect to receive virtually irresistible offers. It is entirely up to them to decide whether they will embrace a new career or keep working for themselves and way to make the big break.

Regardless of their decision, they are guaranteed to spend some quality time in the series Swedish countryside among their peers.

Being surrounded by sponsors, publishers and some of the most successful investors miss a great deal for those who didn’t have this chance in the past. Compared to regular accelerator programs, this one has the particularity of allowing players to keep the rights on whatever games they create.

This might not look like much but it makes all the difference in the world, since some of these titles have the potential of becoming best-selling slot machines.