Bgo unveils game inspired by Pokemon Go phenomenon

Pokemon Gowith BGO is arguably the most exciting game of the moment, especially if you bgo-logoenjoy playing on mobile devices.

Many of those who grew up with these lovable characters have embraced the game wholeheartedly.

They are now roaming the streets trying to collect them all and the hype is still growing. Online casinos are paying attention to this phenomenon and some of them go a step further by producing their own games of this time.

Bgo casino is not going to present players with the same game, but those inspiration from the popular concept. Instead of collecting virtual creatures, the participants are invited to go for the very real cash prizes.

The free bet hunt as this promotion is called will appeal to those who enjoy British football. You could be a fan of the Premier League or the Championship and still be eligible to win free bets.

Those who have an account here, know that the casino also happens to have a very lucrative sports betting section. The vast majority of those who bet online are fascinated by English football, so this promotion is appealing to them.

The rules of engagement are simple and anyone can participate with minimal effort. Players are supposed to leave their homes and go straight to the nearest stadiums, hosting matches from the two competitions mentioned above.


Not surprisingly, in the early stages of this campaign, Bgo casino focuses on the teams that the company has sponsorship deals with. Knowing this, you can consider yourself lucky if you’re a fan of Birmingham City, Brentford, Nottingham Forest and Preston North End. You will be hitting two birds with one stone, because whenever you got to see your team performing live, you will collect free bets. On the bright side, you don’t need to have tickets for the matches, because the free stuff won’t be found inside stadiums.

There are several advantages associated to the fact that the casino allows players to participate without paying for the tickets. It will meet members halfway, with the offers appearing on the map on their devices. The system is very similar to those used in Pokémon Go, so the learning curve is surprisingly smooth.

Sports betting fans have a new reason to anxiously wait for the match day, because this is when the free bets will be up for grabs.