Casumo challenges players to a race

When Casumo opened shop many years ago, a promise players to provide them with a Casumo-Logo-POS-RGB-e1358353285218memorable experience that is unlike anything they seem so far.

It was a tall order, particularly when it came to veteran players, who were convinced that exceeded all.

Much to his credit, the online casino students true to its word and today it still exercises an unmistakable appeal to a broad audience.

In order to keep players hooked and motivated to play on a daily basis, it launched special promotions and constantly ramped up prizes. At the core of their gambling experience are the so-called challenges, in which players compete not only against each other but also the casino.

Obviously, it can be a bit difficult to emerge victorious given the difficult task at hand, but this only makes the reward so much sweeter.

If you are not afraid of a little challenge and competition is something that motivates you, then you will surely find the new press release exciting. The casino was so psyched about the latest promotion that is found it worthwhile to advertise this campaign much more aggressively than it usually does.


Players can choose between different difficulty levels and those who take more chances and choose the more twisted past, will unlock the best reward.

At the same time, those who participate in the Casumo’s Casino Challenge and prefer the easy way out can rest assured that they won’t leave empty-handed. The differences are significant between the easy mode which would reward players with no more than €800 and the hard-core mode in which players can earn a five digit amount.

The perspective of winning €10,000 is exciting on many levels and it’s easy to understand why so many chose this difficult mode.

It all begins with players choosing one of the three difficulty levels and depending on this initial decision, they will have to overcome smaller or bigger obstacles. Progress is done incrementally and once players complete one milestone, they can move on to the next and so on until success is insured.

Not all the challenges are easy to meet and there is a good chance to and after realizing that some of these obstacles are simply insurmountable.

The good news is that no decision is final and players can always start from scratch and begin a new campaign on an entirely different difficulty level. The more money you wager, the better the returns on investment anyway, so even if you quit one campaign to start from scratch, you won’t lose anything of what you already secured.

The challenges themselves are very different, so you won’t get the feeling of overcoming the same obstacles over and over again.

Some of them require players to complete a high number of free spins, others challenge them to win a certain number of frowned. The process is not exactly time-consuming and the best part is that you will spend a lot of quality time, so this doesn’t feel like a chore.