Fantastic tournaments added by Jackpotcity

Jackpotcity has invested mightily in building a brand that stands out from the crowd. jackpotcity-logoThere are so many copycats out there, that it’s really difficult to run an online casino that doesn’t blend in.

The fact that you embark on an epic quest rather than gamble your way to potential profits is one of their best-selling points.

The offers and occasional promotions also help, but they pale in comparison with the original image created by the casino.

The recent press release indicates the fact that the casino has returned to its policy of running exquisite tournaments. The latest campaign is set to resume at the beginning of each week, with a new slot machine in the crosshairs every time.


This approach has produced desirable results over and over again, by encouraging players to check out the latest releases. The Appetite for Spin Action tournament is not exactly a new concept but it is build on the same popular mechanics of its predecessors.

This competition runs on stages and the normal ones are limited to a maximum of 180 free spins. Every single day, players also participate in a bigger tournament, which has a cap of 450 free spins.

This is a mind-boggling amount for anyone who has actually received free spins as incentives from online casinos. Even though clearing these bonus rounds doesn’t take a lot of time, the probability of the resulting in cash is an excellent.

The tournament is fast and furious, with players being supposed to use most of their free spins during the Reel Race. This creates a feeding frenzy among those who participate in this campaign, I like to anything online gamblers are used to. Scoring points is done in the most obvious way possible, with players accumulating them each time they strike a winning combination.

Good things always coming bunches so if you managed to win consecutive free spins, the number of points will also grow. Ideally, players should be able to change at least three or four spins in a winning sequence to make the most of this game mechanic.

Jackpotcity has introduced the concept of legend spins not so long ago and they are easier to claim and have bigger value. It is perfectly possible for players to create chains of winning spins that include both regular and legendary ones.

The normal events start at midnight and conclude 24 hours later, while the main prize consists of 75 free spins.

The time to double your efforts is in the evening, when most players come to life and have more time for gambling. Anyone can join the competition and they don’t even need to get terribly lucky to actually win a prize. Just be among those who sign up for the offer and you will be well-positioned to convert these bonus rounds into cash. Jackpotcity there’s you not to miss out on this opportunity.

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