Paf Casino still serving proudly all Dutch players

Paf Casino has a reputation for being one of the most trustworthy online gambling operators.paf-casino-logo

On one hand they protect their players by using the latest SSL encryption technology and firewalls that are on par with the ones used by financial institutions.

At the same time, they uphold the highest security standards by having all the games audited by independent and respectable companies.

That’s why it was very surprising when the casino was find a massive €180,000 by the Kansspelautoriteit for breaching certain regulations. Apparently, the Dutch Gaming Authority considers the online casino guilty of continuing to break the rules despite the fact that it promised to make the necessary amendments.

The two parties have discussed the problem a couple of weeks in advance and both of them agreed on the things that were supposed to be done.


Jovin Genovese acting as the Europe Dir. for the company expressed his frustration for his company being victimized by the authorities.

He doesn’t agree that the casino broke the rules, therefore the hefty fine is hard to justify by the Dutch authorities. He confirmed the fact that the two entities discussed matters, but as far as he and the company he represents are concerned, the changes were done as promise.

The KSA is diligently working towards changing the existing regulations, to create the necessary legal framework for online casinos in the Netherlands. There are plenty of international operators interested in opening shop here, to tap into the immense potential of the national market.

That’s why, it is so important to come up with a set of rules that both the industry and the authorities will regard as lucrative.

Comeon already has an important presence in the Netherlands and plans to continue its expansion here, despite this fine. What was surprising and to some extent infuriating for company officials is that the authorities decided to penalize them for no good reason. Since so many players actually reside in the Netherlands, the casino found it worthwhile to promote the company by having the website translated in Dutch language and showcasing the national flag on the website.

Apparently, both these actions were in his accord to national legislation and the authorities decided to move against the gambling authority. The situation is pretty complex, because on one hand they want to legalize online gambling, on the other they need to maintain the status quo. Casino representatives decided to meet with the lawmakers and discuss what could be done in the foreseeable future, but the agreement they reached still resulted in the €180,000 fine.
The two parties disagree on how things evolve, with the casino claiming that it stuck to its promises and did exactly what they were supposed to do.

On the other hand, the KSA considers that the promises were not fulfilled therefore they had no choice but to take action against the casino. Genovese confirm the fact that the casino he represents will pay the fine and will continue to serve Dutch players