Vera&John fights back the Romanian government ban

The European market is generating a lot of profit for online casinos that the buy the law and Vera-John-vinstgarantithere is plenty of room to grow.

Vera&John is on the most active operators in this area and the reason for why they are so successful is that they offer the entire spectrum of gambling products.

It all started with sports betting and they quickly made the transition to poker and casino games, with specialty titles, such as bingo and keno being now available.

They are doing just fine worldwide and except for a couple of countries that have prohibited online gambling, offer services to hundreds of thousands of clients. Until recently, the Romanian market will of their most lucrative one, with almost 75% of all punters wagering here.

The numbers speak for themselves and the interest for the online casino niche was also rising, but then things took a turn for the worse and the gambling operator is still reeling.


In late October, the national office for online gambling decided to prevent Vera&John from operating within national borders until an internal dispute has been resolved. The thing that spiked the conflict was the new licensing fee, which apparently is significantly larger than the one before.

Initially, punters were allowed to wager free and play casino games, but not long after they were notified that playing any further would cause a significant troubles.
To start with, they were in real danger of being fined with huge amounts, regardless of the amount wagered so they were supposed to stay away. These legal problems didn’t grow any further and at least for the time being the number of people actually sanctioned is extremely low.

Having said this Vera&John offered is support to anyone who suffer the consequences, as they consider this measure to be unfair.

The government failed to make the necessary arrangements and announce in advance that gambling here is no longer permitted by the law. Vera&John is offering free legal counseling to anyone who runs into trouble with local authorities, so they won’t have to pay a dime.

Meanwhile the online casino is fighting of war on two fronts and is doing is due diligence trying to make amends and receive the necessary license to operate within Romanian borders.

It can be a bit difficult to solve the matter quickly, given all the turmoil generated by the recently passed laws, but Vera&John is not going to give up.

They’ve got the means, resources and interest to persevere and given their flawless track record in Romania, it would be a shame to see them go. Local players and online casino fans are equally upset by the government decision, as this leaves them with very few options.

The list of allowed operators is relatively short and many of them come nowhere close to the quality offer and services promoted by Vera&John, so they are not much of an option anyway.