Win a Suited 777 Bonus at Casino Casumo

Even the most dedicated players will have a hard time keeping up with all the Casino Casumo Casumo-Logo-POS-RGB-e1358353285218promotions unveiled during the winter holidays.

Luckily for them, not all of these campaigns are mutually exclusive and one can apply for several bonuses at the same time.

One of the most recent additions to this impressive lineup goes by the name of Suited 777 Bonus and applies to blackjack tables.

Table games are more entertaining when you can compete against real dealers and most fans flock around baccarat tables. Now they got another reason to choose this game, because if they get dealt a hand of three 7s of the same suit, they will win 20 times their investment. The bonus is capped to €1000 or currency equivalent, but even so you could claim a lot of money with a minimal investment.

Virtual it all blackjack tables at William Hill qualify for this promotion, as long as players compete against real dealers as opposed to the random number generator. The Suited 777 Bonus is up and running 24/7, so you can sit down at the tables whenever you have the time and willingness to play blackjack.


It is imperative to have all the three 7s of the same suit to win the bonus and in order to cash in on the maximum amount, you would have to wager €50.
Splitting cards can be a profitable strategy when playing blackjack, but in this case split cards don’t count towards this promotion.

Those who win a bonus can expect it to be credited to their account within 48 hours after making the qualifying hand. The amount can be withdrawn immediately and instead it is subject to standard wagering requirements.

On a positive note, you are not restricted to live blackjack tables or any table games for what that matters and can play any casino game.